Live Server is a code extension that enables you to launch a local development server for your web projects. Whenever you save changes to your code, Live Server automatically updates your webpage in real time, eliminating the need to manually refresh your browser. It is an excellent tool for testing and debugging your code quickly.

Emmet is a code extension that can help you write HTML and CSS code more efficiently. It uses a shorthand syntax that expands into complete HTML or CSS code, enabling you to write code faster. With Emmet, you can also create custom snippets and templates that can save you time.

ColorZilla is a color picker and gradient generator that you can add to your browser as an extension. With ColorZilla, you can easily identify the color of any element on a webpage and copy the code for that color in several different formats. It’s also an excellent tool for generating CSS gradients, which can be time-consuming to write by hand.

Using code extensions is a great way to improve your workflow and save time when developing web projects. With the right extensions, you can automate repetitive tasks, write code more efficiently, and streamline your collaboration with other developers.


GitLens Color Picker

GitLens is a code extension that provides a wealth of information about your Git repository. With GitLens, you can easily see who made changes to your code, when changes were made, and what changes were made. It’s a great tool for collaboration, code reviews, and debugging. GitLens also integrates with popular Git hosting services like GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket, allowing you to manage your Git repositories more efficiently.

Using code extensions can significantly improve the workflow of web developers. These extensions provide additional functionalities that streamline tasks, automate repetitive tasks, and ultimately save time. For instance, extensions like Live Server allow web developers to view real-time updates of their web pages without having to manually refresh their browsers. Similarly, extensions like Emmet enable developers to write code more efficiently by using shorthand syntax. The ColorZilla extension enables users to identify colors and generate gradients with ease, while GitLens provides valuable insights on Git repositories. Overall, code extensions help web developers be more productive, allowing them to focus on writing high-quality code rather than being bogged down by mundane tasks.